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Tourism – First of Two

This Tuesday the City Council will meet to decide how to move forward with our tourism fund. I’ll write about the specific issues facing us tomorrow or Tuesday. We cannot, however, make useful decisions about “nuts and bolts” without some agreement on how best to develop and promote Carbondale as a destination. That’s what I’m […]

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Marshmallows and Lotus

Beautiful Southern Illinois We went down to Horseshoe Lake expecting to find the lotus – Yonkapins – just beginning. Instead, a month or more earlier than last year, seed heads were forming. But unlike last year, the mallows were in full bloom. In early spring Southern Illinois’ woods spring to life with wildflowers. In May […]

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Update on Agenda – Several Items Removed

City Council Meeting Tuesday, July 17, 7:00 p.m. I just got a note from City Manager Baity saying that, based on Council feedback, several items on tonight’s City Council agenda are being withdrawn for future consideration. These items are 1) Item 5.2 – Resolution Establishing the Policy for Release of City Liens for Properties Sold through Tax Sales – […]

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Revisiting Tourism & a Lot of Housekeeping

City Council Meeting Tuesday, July 17, 7:00 p.m. This month’s City Council meeting has a good bit of housekeeping — updating policies, bringing City code into compliance with new state laws, and raising fines and fees. Staff is also asking Council to authorize the City to request a volume cap allocation for private activity bonds […]

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COOLING CENTERS With this heat wave gripping us for several more days, it’s important to check on elderly neighbors and people who do not have air conditioning. Cooling centers around the region are open. If  you live in a neighborhood participating in Map Your Neighborhood, make sure everyone’s airconditioning is working well and your communication network is active. […]

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