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Revitalizing and Reinvesting in Carbondale

City Council and Liquor Control Commission Meeting Tuesday, June 26, 2012 (Newsletter post June 26, 2012) It’s high summer and with the students mostly out of town things are agreeably quiet and mellow around Carbondale. I’ve had a chance to work on the flower gardens after finishing up the bungalow on Cherry St. However, after a month of […]

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Revitalizing Carbondale

For the past several months my husband, D. Gorton, and I have been restoring a 1924 bungalow next door to our old home on Cherry Street. In the 1950s Alan and Sally Cohn came to Carbondale. Alan was the much loved Humanities Librarian at SIU’s Morris Library. They raised their daughter, Kathy, in the white house […]

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