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Community Goals & Armory

Late breaking WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE ARMORY? More than 70 residents of the Northwest neigbhorhood and other citizens crowded into Hickory Lodge last night to learn about the disposition of the Armory from City Manager Kevin Baity. I called the informational meeting after a number of people in the neighborhood contacted me with various […]

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Why I will Vote No on Kevin Baity for City Manager

I said in the previous post (emailed Thursday), In most cases, in issues as important as selecting the next City Manager – the City’s chief administrative officer – the minority will defer to the majority and vote with it in public. In my judgment, it requires very deep concerns and objections to oppose the majority. […]

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Read this carefully

(Due to a serious time crunch I did not post this blog last week. It went out on my email list Thursday, January 5.) I received a phone call from Mayor Fritzler this afternoon. He said he was sending out a press release announcing the selection of Kevin Baity as City Manager. I immediately said, […]

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