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Backyard Chickens, Primary Elections, Dist. 95 Summer Academy and Refuse/Recycling

City Council Meeting Tuesday 7:00 p.m. As usual, there’s a good bit on our plate at Tuesday’s City Council meeting. The biggest issues are the overhaul of our refuse and recycling ordinance,  amendments allowing people in the city to own laying hens, an ordinance regarding primary elections, and whether to renew funding for Dist. 95’s […]

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Zoning Overhaul

FIRST REPORT AVAILABLE Duncan Associates, the consultants the City hired to review and overhaul our rather Byzantine zoning code (Title 15), have completed their “Diagnostic Report.” This report analyzes our existing Code in relation to the recently adopted Comprehensive Plan and makes recommendations for updating the code. The results of this process will affect the […]

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Microdistilleries and Refuse & Recycling Ordinance

Tonight’s City Council agenda is mercifully relatively short. The two major items are adding microdistilleries to our liquor code, and an overhaul of our refuse and recycling ordinance. Carbondale has become the gateway for the thriving wine industry that has evolved over the past few decades. Even in this recessionary time, production of wine has been […]

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