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Thank you for voting!

Now the real campaign begins. A big thank you to everyone who voted for me in the primary election. I’m gratified by the confidence so many people placed in me. Now the rubber hits the road as we move into the final stretch. The general election is April 5, less than 6 weeks from now. […]

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Social Capital

Last week the Mayor recommended not funding two important community organizations: “I Can Read” and Attucks Community Services. Steven Haynes objected, and the issue will again come before City Council. According to Mayor Brad Cole, a community group, Eurma C. Haynes, Inc., had been given the Center where these organizations are located. Cole went on […]

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Walking Carbondale’s Northeast Side

[sent to list 1/31/2022] This weekend I walked the Northeast side of Carbondale, going door to door and asking people for their votes for City Council. I met people who clearly took pride in their homes and their community. I recalled when, back in the day, I visited my high school friends who lived in […]

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