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Council Abdicates Responsibility

Cole granted sole power Last Tuesday Mayor Brad Cole got a slim majority to pass an ordinance giving him sole power to dispose of certain city-owned property. Chris Wissmann, Corene McDaniel, and recently appointed Councilman Michael Neill voted with Mayor Cole, giving up their responsibility to oversee the sale of City property. Mary Pohlman, Joel […]

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Meet the Candidates

I will be attending Carbondale‚Äôs Neighborhood and Housing Action Group annual Neighborhood Alliance meeting tomorrow, Saturday, January 22, 2011, 9:30 am to 1 pm, at the First United Methodist Church in Carbondale (214 W. Main). The luncheon portion of the meeting will feature an introduction of candidates running for Mayor and Council and an informal […]

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The Tragedy in Arizona

I was pretty much glued to my TV set or radio this weekend, since I first heard about the horrific shooting in Tucson. Perhaps you were too. I know a little bit about Arizona politics since the politics are so polarized, complicated, and vocal in that state. But I didn’t know of Gabrielle Giffords. As […]

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